Looking forward to Peach 3

Peach 3 is the next major release of Peach and is currently under development.  Peach 3 will be a complete re-write of Peach using the C# language and .NET Framework.  We will keep cross-platform support thanks to the Mono project.


  • Cross platform support (Linux, OS X, Windows, etc.)
  • Mono compatibility
  • Backwards comparable with existing Peach definitions
  • Easier to drive Peach programmatically
  • Design to allow for next generation of fuzzing technology
  • A number of GUI programs for:
    • Simple File Fuzzing
    • Simple Network Fuzzing

Reasons For Switch

  • Better development tools
  • Better GUI support (even cross-platform)
  • Better dependency support (no more module hell)
  • Much better XML library (schema validation!!)
    • Proper web services support!
  • Full COM/DCOM support, etc.
  • Language more suited to what Peach has become

~ by meddington on October 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Looking forward to Peach 3”

  1. Please Michael, can you explain some reasons about why you changed Python to C#?

    • Ultimately we simply outgrew the language. Everything from breaking the python debugger to modules missing features. I find myself spending too much time fixing bugs in modules or adding features.

      With the cross platform support in .net using mono, there is no downside that I could see moving to c#. C# has iron python, iron ruby, and JavaScript scripting hosts, so for a users point of view things will not be extremely different.

  2. Is there a date for the release of Peach3?

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