Python GDB Wrapper


The first beta release of pygdb has been posted up. This is a pure python wrapper around GDB using the machine interface (MI). This allows control of GDB from python and was created as part of the effort to get Peach 2.1 running nice on Linux and OS X. Additionally, a new monitor UnixGdb has been checked into the 2.1 code tree for the brave.

pygdb can be found here

~ by meddington on January 30, 1999.

One Response to “Python GDB Wrapper”

  1. Great! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I wrote a debugger (from scratch) with ptrace, but it’s far to have all features of GDB. So I learned about GDB MI, but I was tired to write a wrapper for it. Next steps: integrated pygdb to my fuzzer (Fusil), and then write a higher level interface to any debugger (ex: vtrace, my, pygdb, and Windows things).

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