Changes to Fuzzing Strategies in Peach 2.3.8

Fuzzing strategies in Peach define the methodology for how data is mutated or modified in Peach.  Traditionally the strategy was specified on the command line and changed for all tests being run.  This proved limiting and required the person running the fuzzer to know which strategy to use.  Additionally, it was near impossible to pass arguments or additional information to the strategy.

With the latest commit of Peach 2.3.8 this is changing.  Instead of a command line parameter a new child element called <Strategy> can be specified in the <Test> element.  Additionally the strategy has the ability to parse attributes or sub-elements for configuration.  This allows different <Test> configurations to use different strategies.


<!– Our Test element will link together our state model and publisher –>
<Test name="HelloWorldTest">
    <StateModel ref="State"/>
    <Publisher class="stdout.Stdout" />
    <Strategy class="rand.RandomMutationStrategy"/>


~ by meddington on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Changes to Fuzzing Strategies in Peach 2.3.8”

  1. I can not find any contact on your blog ,so i leave the message here.

    I am using Peach Fuzz Platform to test shared libraries.

    And i have a problem about how to set up debugger agent for the xml file

    can you give me some instructions on this ?

    if you are convenient , mail me ~

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